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About us


From a combination of a greek word Teleios which means "Perfect" and a french word Luxe which means "Luxury", Teleios Luxe has started with the vision of being one of the most sought after jewelry and fashion brand not only in United Arab Emirates but also around the world. 

Teleios Luxe is a designer and manufacturer mainly of authentic gold jewelry and other fashion items. The group has a wide range of different designs in the forms of jewelry (such as; earnings, bracelets, rings and necklaces), accessories and other fashion items. All of the products are designed and manufactured by or for Teleios Luxe group.

The designs follows the black and white concept where in black means "hidden value" and white means "wholeness, purity and perfection". By this concept we aspire to achieve a modern with a touch of classic design to give our customers the simple but elegant finishing touch to their look and feel.

Each piece of product is made of carefully selected authentic materials in which it was crafted all together by a professional craftsman to have the finish product at it's best. Teleios Luxe offers a range of affordable items to limited luxury high quality expensive items to surely set us apart from everybody else.

Our competitive edge is fairly simple. It is based on creative, unusual designs, authenticity, price range and strong customer relationship. Teleios Luxe exist because we are skilled in what we does, and every piece that is manufactured by or for us incorporates an element of creative, authentic, unusual, intriguing and eye catching designs that stands out in the field of fashion and jewelry.

TRN : 100039158900003